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Re: Doc: More NR and LM additions based on user emails (issue3705042)

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Doc: More NR and LM additions based on user emails (issue3705042)
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 14:21:03 +0000

Thanks, James!

File Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely (right):
Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely:2114: objects to note heads, if
you remove the @code{Note_heads_engraver}
I agree with Graham.  You either need to change the comma to a
semicolon, or add a conjunction like "so".  I think it would actually be
best to put in a period and make it two sentences.

I also think it would be better to reword it as

"If the @code{Note_heads_engraver} is removed"
File Documentation/notation/repeats.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/repeats.itely:151: of the braces of the grouped
notes within an @address@hidden block, otherwise you will not
get the expected number of endings.  Any bar checks used inside
@address@hidden block must be placed in inside the braces of
each group of notes.}
I think that with the addition of the bar checks to the examples, this
warning can be eliminated.

The only reason it was needed was because the example we had previously
had no bar checks, so a user guessed on where to put them and guessed

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