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Re: lilybuntu 2 and new CG 2 quick start

From: James
Subject: Re: lilybuntu 2 and new CG 2 quick start
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 18:57:46 +0000
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On 17/12/2010 16:52, Graham Percival wrote:
I have a new version of the lilybuntu instructions, uploaded here:

I took the radical step of creating an entirely new chapter, "quick
start".  Give it a whirl.



TODO: maybe we should just nuke this point? is it easier to do networked file sharing in 
osx, linux, etc, thus making the virtualbox "shared folders" not useful?

Shared folders are useful, it's just point, browse and click to set them up (it's in the online help), what ISNT easy (for newcomers) is when using Linux Guest, you have to run a rather fussy mount command, as sudo - but this is all documented within the online help so if they follow that it will work.

For me with a Linux Guest it was easier to follow the VBOX instructions on shared folders. Window's guests have it much easier, no CLI it just appears as another network share.

There is no requirement for having shared folders to compile our doc, it is sometimes handy (for transferring files/patches etc) but I personally rarely need to use it.

I'd 'nuke' this point.


•Pasting into a terminal is done with Ctrl+Shift+v.

This is not true (for me anyway - just tried it).

You can, with a mouse right-click paste (Windows Host and Mac Host - if you have a mouse with enough buttons or you programme the button) and actually ctrl-v DOESN'T work for me!

I have to use mouse or from the paste menu on the terminal app.


1.lily-git.tcl has already been install for you. Simply type (or copy&paste):

wish lily-git.tcl

Copy/Paste from the PDF/Website on my Host Machine into my VM doesn't seem to work for me. The clipboard sharing between guest and host (and vice versa) seems to be patchy at best and simply won't work at worst.

So we could offer newcomers that can't think for themselves, that they may need to view the docs/URL within the VM to be able to copy/paste.

Not a huge deal, but thought I would mention it.


Slightly OT, I never create a 'build' dir.

I simply

cd lilypond-git
make doc

make a cup of tea.

Is there a reason we are advocating an extra mkdir ../build/configure/.. step? or have been doing it wrong all this time %^)



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