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Re: lilybuntu 2 and instructions

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: lilybuntu 2 and instructions
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 11:42:59 -0700

On 12/20/10 10:46 AM, "Jonathan Kulp" <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 11:37 AM, Graham Percival
> <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> BTW: since we are effectively distributing a full-blown GNU/Linux
>>> distro, we might want to consider naming it differently; as things
>>> currently are, I'm afraid we're committing a trademark infringement of
>>> sorts:
>> Mao.
>> Ok, Jonathan: you're making this thing, so you have final say on
>> the name.  Based on the discussion, I would recommend:
>> - don't mention "virtual", since you can of course install
>>  lilybuntu in a dual-boot (or even single-boot) system.
>> - I don't recommend going for a generic name like "frog linux"; we
>>  should be clear that this is for lilypond.
>> - I don't recommend simply calling it "lilypond linux", since some
>>  people might think that you need this thing just to run
>>  lilypond.
>> I still slightly favor something like "u-lily-contrib", but the
>> final decision is officially yours.  Let's call the next version
>> 1.0, and Valentin will delete the "infringing" iso names from his
>> once we have the new version.
> This is not a distro, it's just a re-spin. I haven't changed any
> artwork, branding or other distro-like stuff. The only reference to
> lilybuntu is the filename, which is easy to change. It's Ubuntu for
> lily devs and I'll come up with a filename that reflects that.

If you read the trademark stuff on the Ubuntu webpage, it seems to me (but I
could be wrong) that Ubuntu considers this a "Remix", and their approved
trademark use would be "Ubuntu Remix for LilyPond Development" or something
like that.  I personally don't like this name; it's way too long.  But it's
what Ubuntu wants us to use if we want to use the Ubuntu (or buntu)

Here's the relevant quote, IMO:

" Derived works. The ability to customise Ubuntu to meet your specific needs
is one of the great strengths of free software in general, and Ubuntu in
particular. While we encourage customisation and derivation of Ubuntu, we
must balance that freedom with the integrity of the Trademarks and the
quality which they represent. To help reach that balance, we have
established the following guidelines and definitions.

We recognise and encourage the concept of a ³remix.² Remixes are derived
versions of Ubuntu, and it is intended that any software and hardware
certifications will apply to a Remix. Therefore the changes from the
official Ubuntu product must be minimal to be permitted to use the
Trademarks. These changes can include configuration changes through the
existing Ubuntu configuration management tools, changes to artwork and
graphical themes and some variance in package selection. In general, a Remix
can have applications from the Ubuntu archives added, or default
applications removed, but removing or changing any infrastructure components
(e.g., shared libraries or desktop components) will result in changes too
large for the resulting product to be called by a Trademark. Note that if
the nature of the product's divergence from Ubuntu changes, the Remix naming
and Trademark use may no longer apply.

Therefore, if you are creating a derivative of Ubuntu, you may use the
Trademarks in association with the software product provided:
* the changes are minimal and unsubstantial, as described above
* there is no commercial intent associated with the new product
* the Trademark is used in a way that makes it clear that your project is a
development effort related to the Ubuntu source, but that the software you
are working upon is not in fact Ubuntu as distributed by the Ubuntu project.
The approved naming scheme to facilitate this is through designation
³Remix². For instance, a new ISO image which has been packaged special tools
for software developers could be called ³Ubuntu, Developers Remix², or an
image was has been created with Thai language packs could be called "Ubuntu
Thai Remix". Words such as "Edition" and "Version" should be avoided, as
they have specific meaning within the Ubuntu project. Prefixes, such as
³ThaiBuntu² should also be avoided. Any other naming scheme will require
explicit permission."

We have "default applications removed" and have "some variance in package
selection".  Therefore, this is not just Ubuntu, it's a derived work from
Ubuntu, at least in Ubuntu's mind.  And Ubuntu wants it called a "remix" if
we are going to use any trademarks.

I don't think we need to use trademarks.  Let's just avoid their use....

I'm OK with Graham's name.  I might actually prefer u-contrib-lily, because
it sounds almost like an invitation -- "you can contribute to lilypond".

But I completely agree with Graham.  It's your (Jon's) work.  You get to
choose.  The only constraint I can see is that it needs to comply with the
Ubuntu trademark policy, so lilybuntu is a non-starter.



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