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Lily dances

From: Mike Solomon
Subject: Lily dances
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 13:08:21 +0100

Hey all,

I am embarking on a new project to make lily dance.

Attached are 3 files:

1) svgdance.svg (best viewed in something that's not Internet Explorer - click 
on the notes and/or accidentals and see what happens!)


2) (which makes svgdance.svg after having applied...)

Description: Binary data

3) 0001-Implements-metadata-for-SVG-manipulation.patch (needs to be applied to 
the current master - then, recompile everything in lily and scm and install)

Attachment: 0001-Implements-metadata-for-SVG-manipulation.patch
Description: Binary data

I think the applications of this are broader than making grobs dance.  I am 
going to use it for a composition, but I think it can also be used for animated 
Schenker graphs, annotated scores, pedagogical sites, etc..

As always with my side projects, I could use some help!  If you are interested 
in this sorta thing and want to help make the code better, lemme know.  Before 
I work on integrating this into the post-2.14 source, I'd like for several 
people to play with it and share their thoughts!


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