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Re: DOC: NR Dynamics context and postfix dynamics (issue3743045)

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: DOC: NR Dynamics context and postfix dynamics (issue3743045)
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 04:27:06 +0000

On 2010/12/23 04:11:34, Keith wrote:
Thanks for the comments. Second patch set is up.

The new patch corresponds to the state *before*, so that it
is not
cluttered with version bumps to all the snippets.

Regarding deprecation,
the old *prefix* implementation of \cresc, never documented, is
convert-ly-ed to
\deprecatedcresc and soundly deprecated.

I don't see a patch to

The methods in these docs, by contrast, are all post-fix.  The command
\dimTextDecr is not attached to notes.  The method with \dimTextDecr
was the
only documented way to get a text decrescendo, convert-ly does not
update it,
and converting files that use it is not trivial.

So I do not want to say 'deprecated' about \dimTextDecr.

To me, that's exactly why we should say 'deprecated'.  Deprecated
doesn't mean removed, it means "still in place, but we recommend that it
not be used in new code."

That's what I think we want to do with \dimTextDecr.  We don't want
people writing new code using it, because when we finally remove it (for
version 3.0) it will require manual conversion (i.e. have a NOT_SMART

I feel like this patch is not complete -- like there are other changes
to the code that are not part of this patch set (e.g. the rename of
\cresc to \deprecatedcresc).  Am I missing something?



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