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Re: Writing metadata to the PDF file

From: Dmytro O. Redchuk
Subject: Re: Writing metadata to the PDF file
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 18:01:00 +0200
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On Mon 27 Dec 2010, 15:40 Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> The request for PDF hyperlinks of \page-ref and \label reminded me that it 
> might be a nice enhancement to write out some of the \header fields as 
> fields (i.e. metadata) to the PDF file. The advantage would be that PDF 
> readers 
> would display the title (instead of the filename) in the window title, and 
> the 
> document information would contain more information about the author, title, 
> etc.
> All that needs to be done is to insert a DOCINFO pdfmark into the Postscript 
> and gs will take care of it:
> [ /Author string
>   /Title string
>   /Subject string
>   /Keywords string
>   /DOCINFO pdfmark
Added as 1463:

Thank you.

  Dmytro O. Redchuk
  Bug Squad

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