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Re: including breaks lyrics alignment in melismas

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: including breaks lyrics alignment in melismas
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 16:37:25 -0000

Janek Warchoł wrote Tuesday, December 28, 2010 3:28 PM

2010/12/27 Trevor Daniels <address@hidden>

I know next to nothing about ancient notation, but whoever wrote clearly intended this behaviour as the file contains
the override

\override SpacingSpanner #'packed-spacing = ##t

on line 258, which requests notes to be packed as tightly as possible.

I wouldn't describe this behaviour as "packing notes as tightly as
possible" - the first note gets enormous amount of space. Don't you
think that packed-spacing is bugged itself?

No. The space after the first note is to accommodate the lyrics word
attached to that note.  Just as in modern music the note spacing
adjusts as necessary to accommodate the lyrics.

This is presumably to enable the usual packed spacing of Gregorian ligatures when the other facilities in are used, so it is not
a bug.

Regardless of whether this is intended or not, i suggest changing the way it works, because it causes bad files to be easily produced: just
a few days ago Michael Dykes posted a question about the attached
piece (in "Not enough space between certain words" thread). Obviously he didn't know about the need to revert packed-spacing, which resulted
in a badly typeset piece. is supposed to be used as described in Typesetting Gregorian chant, Section 2.9.4 in the Notation Reference. You'll see there that there are special staff and voice contexts that should be used. AFAIK it is not intended to be used without these contexts, and may well exhibit strange
behaviour if it is.  But I would not call such behaviour bugs.

That said, I'm sure there /are/ many bugs in the ancient notation section and the documentation is clearly incomplete. But none of the currently active developers is expert enough in ancient notation to touch this section, so no changes are likely be made in the foreseeable future. Unless, of
course, you or Michael would like to suggest patches.


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