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Re: Towards a new pitch representation

From: Felipe Gonçalves Assis
Subject: Re: Towards a new pitch representation
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 12:19:07 -0300

Thanks for the code, Hans!

There are many things I am curious about. Now that I have the sources,
I will spend some time analysing them, and then contact you.

While I need some time to study your considerations, what I can say now is:

. If, under a given musical system, what is printed on the score is enough to
  determine the precise tuning of a pitch, and if LilyPond supports the notation
  used, then it is possible to write an engraver that produces the correct sound
  output without changing the pitch representation. As I said, using the number
  1/2 to represent a sharp does not bind you to ET.

. Otherwise, I need to carefully study tuning systems and their use.

So, while I am proposing a somewhat fundamental change, it is still something
relatively simple, that will hopefully not break much user code, and might
make some microtonalists happy. I have good hope that this job may be
finished before the Equinox.

That being pointed, I must express that I would very much appreciate to
further bridge your ideas into LilyPond so as to make it an even more
powerful software. We actually have plenty of time for that, since work for
2.15 has not even officially started yet.

I then suggest we proceed with this conversation in a different branch,
in private or in public, as you prefer, and keep this thread to discuss
how the simpler ideas I am proposing might get into LilyPond.

I look forward to keeping in contact with you.


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