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From: Simon Mackenzie
Subject: Etude
Date: Sun, 08 May 2011 21:30:49 +0700

Hi Daniel.
Your app looks interesting and I was reading you email to lilypond-devel and 
wondering if you would be willing to make an addition, if you are serious about 
supporting the lilypond project that is. ;-) Why not release into the public 
domain a tidied up version of your "compiler" and add it to the lilypond 
development project so people can add their own music content to Etude.

I can well imagine this sort of opportunity for keen musicians to be able to 
play their music in an iPod / Pad would translate into a healthy surge in 
purchases on the iTunes App Store for your business.
Although I can't speak for the development team it would seem to me to be a 
healthy gesture on your part since I haven't been able find any reference to 
lilypond anywhere on your site at

I know in my case I would jump at the chance to be able to encode my music 
project for use on an iPod Touch with your product. I'm currently converting a 
hymnal into lilypond format (about 30% of the way through) as input into a 
translation project for a minority hill-tribe language in Thailand. The big gap 
I have for phase two of the project is producing the audio accompaniment.

My two bits worth.

Reverend Simon Mackenzie <address@hidden>

Lutheran Church of Australia [[ ]]

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