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Re: Bugfix for issue 1630 (issue4490045)

From: karin . hoethker
Subject: Re: Bugfix for issue 1630 (issue4490045)
Date: Mon, 09 May 2011 19:41:31 +0000
File lily/ (right):
event->set_property("autosplit-remainder", Moment(left_to_do_ -
note_dur.get_length ()).smobbed_copy ());
Indeed, using a boolean would be the minimal solution. However, the
remaining duration is related to the current time and the overall note
duration etc. If for example tuplet splitting was to be implemented for
the Completions_heads_engraver, the remainder could be useful in a
splitting strategy.
It depends on whether minimal data structures or minimal renaming of
variables is preferred in lilypond development. I don't know about that

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