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Re: Doc: NR 1.6.3 - edit eg.s in quoting other voices (issue4518053)

From: k-ohara5a5a
Subject: Re: Doc: NR 1.6.3 - edit eg.s in quoting other voices (issue4518053)
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 03:26:40 +0000

My suggestion was tiny compared to this patch.
File Documentation/notation/staff.itely (left):
Documentation/notation/staff.itely:1086: Quotations recognize instrument
transposition settings for both
I added this text only a couple months ago, so of course I suggest to
keep it.
I think we need to amplify the point that \quoteDuring handles
transpositions of both quoted and quoting parts.  This is the main point
of the \transposition command, but the section @ref{instrument
transpositions} does not explain it very well because it does not have
this example showing how \quoteDuring works.
File Documentation/notation/staff.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/staff.itely:1040: Before a part can be quoted,
the @code{\addQuote} command must be used,
In the original, 'before' was misleading, and we are not initializing a
'fragment'. A true statement is:
  The @code{\addQuote} command, used in the top level scope, defines a
stream of music from which fragments can be quoted.
Documentation/notation/staff.itely:1045: \addQuote "flute" @{
\fluteNotes @}
remove the @example and just go directly into the @lilypond.

That would be better.
Documentation/notation/staff.itely:1072: If the music expression used in
@code{\quoteDuring} contains notes
I suggest removing this whole paragraph and @lilypond.
1. The original text was wrong: \quoteDuring does not create another
Voice for polyphony; instead it adds notes to the existing Voice to make
2. Using \cueDuring, by contrast, *does* add a voice and create a
polyphonic situation, and in fact I have found that to be useful, but
was discouraged from trying it because of the old text.
Documentation/notation/staff.itely:1082: c4 cis c b \quoteDuring
#"flute" { e4 dis b a }
  c4 cis c b \quoteDuring #"flute" { e4 r8 ais b4 a }
If you do decide to keep this @lilypond, at least make it output
something sensible.
Documentation/notation/staff.itely:1101: a4 gis g gis | b4^"quoted" r8
ais\p a4( f)
  \key d\major
  b4 ais a ais | cis4^"quoted" r8 bis\p b4( f)
so that this example realistically shows the same concert-pitch notes as
the earlier examples.
(I should have caught this error months ago.)
Documentation/notation/staff.itely:1120: markups, etc. and is inserted
into the music expression.  It is possible
markups, etc. --[and is inserted into the music expression]--

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