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Question about Music Classes in Internals and how to find \function prop

From: James Lowe
Subject: Question about Music Classes in Internals and how to find \function properties
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 14:24:20 +0000


With regard to 'quotedCueEventTypes' and similar, I see in the NR that there is 
an example of explicitly stating which event types you want i.e:

  \set Score.quotedCueEventTypes = #'(note-event rest-event tie-event
                                      beam-event tuplet-span-event
                                      dynamic-event slur-event)

If I look up Score in internals I see the translator property of 
quotedCueEventTypes is set to '(note-event rest-event tie-event beam-event 

If I continue to look up ' quotedCueEventTypes' I only see that it is

' A list of symbols, representing the event types that should be duplicated for
\cueDuring commands.'

But then my trail finishes there.

So my questions are

1. I know that I can use 'dynamic-event' for instance (because I have tried it) 
but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to know if an *-event will or will not 
work/be allowed in this property.

2. Where do I find out or where do I go to see where to find out a function 
like \cueDuring?

Thanks for your time.


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