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Re: Bugfix for issue 1630 (issue4490045)

From: percival . music . ca
Subject: Re: Bugfix for issue 1630 (issue4490045)
Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 15:39:49 +0000
File lily/ (right):
event->set_property("autosplit-end", ly_bool2scm (false));
On 2011/05/28 20:27:13, karin.hoethker wrote:
However, some people consider inline conditions not to be
very readable (for a (Java) example see AvoidInlineConditionals at Although this
is not an
extreme case, I'd rather vote for readability and leave the code as it

FWIW, I prefer Karin's formulation:
  if (blah) func(true); else func(false);

However, David and Pal combined have at least 10 times as much
experience with lilypond C++ code as I do, so I think it would be best
if this conditional were changed.

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