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GOP-PROP 3: C++ formatting (update)

From: Graham Percival
Subject: GOP-PROP 3: C++ formatting (update)
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 23:11:04 +0100
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This is an update, rather than a "probable decision".  I don't
think we're close enough to have a real proposal.

At the moment I'm leaning towards using astyle+postprocessing.
The script in question is here:;a=blob;;h=3bdffd9e8016b1d7fcdbe5cf5c77aecc09763d86;hb=refs/heads/dev/gperciva-astyle

To test it yourself (if you're not familiar with git branches):

1. download, compile, and install astyle 2.02:
NOTE: astyle 2.02 is quite new (May 2011).  It's not in your
package manager.

2. download
(it "fiddles" with the output of astyle, to fix stuff)

3. run it on your favorite .hh or .cc file:
  python lily/

You could run it against everything by running;a=blob;;h=c5bf12959acac6ba8438551112280b3b8147e2b3;hb=refs/heads/dev/gperciva-astyle

Suggestions are welcome (particularly for regex in python, because
I don't think that this is the right place for map()), as are
patches to improve the output.

Most welcome of all would be a voiciferous objection to astyle.
Or rather -- if you're going to complain later on, please do it
sooner instead of later.  I don't really know how much effort to
put into  If somebody has a great reason why
we shouldn't use it (regardless of whatever postprocessing we
have), then any effort spent on the postprocessing will be

I'm hoping to have a firm proposal on Friday or Saturday, but
whenever it happens, we'll have a full week for review and second

- Graham

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