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Re: Modify chord-name-engraver to call capo-handler (issue4800051)

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: Modify chord-name-engraver to call capo-handler (issue4800051)
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 22:09:16 +0200

W dniu 1 sierpnia 2011 16:47 użytkownik Wols Lists
<address@hidden> napisał:
> On 31/07/11 23:35, Carl Sorensen wrote:
>> Do we need four bars?  Why not just do three bars -- one with capoPitch '(),
>> another with capoPitch set, and a third with capoVertical?
>> We like to get examples and regtests as simple as can be.
> New modified regtest attached. I've cut it down to one line, two bars
> per section so six in total. (I know you want minimal, but cutting it
> down to one note per section feels a bit two much, and two minims looked
> naff.) The other thing is, the new regtest doesn't have N/C, which
> doesn't seem to matter, but that was almost the first thing I thought
> needed checking when I first saw the chord-mode documentation I based my
> sample and reg-test on.
> Personally I prefer my longer version, but I'm quite happy to leave it
> to you which version you actually go for (this second patch should apply
> *instead* *of* the first).

Done and uploaded to Rietveld.
I have a small suggestion: change g major chord into a minor chord.
This way we'll have more variety, so there'll be less chance of a
regression going unnoticed.
I attach your patches updated in a way that they can be applied to
current git master (i.e. they don't run into problems because of
recent style formatting changes), this may save you some trouble.


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