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Re: Doc: Added \compoundMeter function to NR (issue4837050)

From: lemniskata . bernoullego
Subject: Re: Doc: Added \compoundMeter function to NR (issue4837050)
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 06:50:15 +0000

I think the \compoundMeter description should be more detailed.
File Documentation/notation/rhythms.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/rhythms.itely:1555: shown durations are
multiplied by 3/5 (3/5 * 10/8 = 3/4).  It may be
I think these parentheses might be confusing.  One can think that the
contents of the parentheses are to be multiplied by the fraction before
Documentation/notation/rhythms.itely:1638: \compoundMeter #'@var{(list
of numbers)}
the argument of \compoundMeter is a list of lists, not a list of
numbers.  List of numbers = #'(number number number ...) , list of lists
= #'( (list) (list) (list) ...) where each (list) is something like
(number number number ...).
I think that the description should be overall more verbose, as this is
easy to be misunderstood.  See my comment in tracker issue
( for a detailed

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