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Re: Kievan square notation in LilyPond

From: Aleksandr Andreev
Subject: Re: Kievan square notation in LilyPond
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2011 19:27:59 -0400

Hi everybody,

Back to the topic of adding support for East Slavic (aka Kievan) music notation.

I've rewritten our font for Kievan notation (called Suprasl) in
Metafont. Now, I am trying to figure out how to incorporate the new
glyphs into the Feta files.

I've created a new file, in the mf directory.

Now I'd like to make sure I'm doing this right before I proceed ..
this is the first time I've worked with Metafont, so please bear with

In our file (, the glyphs are defined with beginchar(name,
width, height, depth). Next, I define a series of points in terms of
the quantity u, which is derived from a sharped quantity u#.
Basically, u# tells us what the size of the character should be given
the font's design size. Finally, I draw the character with fill.

The question I have is this: what is the appropriate coordinate system
to use for feta-kievan?

What I've gleaned from reading the source of is that
things are somehow defined in terms of stafflinethickness# and

Am I right to understand that stafflinethickness is the thickness of a
line in the five line staff? And staff_space is the amount of space
between lines?

Would it be appropriate to define a basis unit u in terms of
stafflinethickness and then specify the points in terms of u?

Where is the origin?

Thanks for the assistance,


Aleksandr Andreev
Ponomar Project

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