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Re: Proper loglevels: cmd-line option --loglevel=NONE/ERROR/WARN/PROGRES

From: k-ohara5a5a
Subject: Re: Proper loglevels: cmd-line option --loglevel=NONE/ERROR/WARN/PROGRESS/INFO/DEBUG (issue4822055)
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 06:52:46 +0000

I like it.
File flower/include/warn.hh (right):
flower/include/warn.hh:41: // There is no separation between progress
and other info messages:
but define LOGLEVEL_INFO with an | LOG_INFO anyway,
just in case somebody tries to send a message with LOG_INFO
File flower/ (right):
flower/ debug_output (_f ("Log level set to `%d'\n",
Quotes around the number, `271', confused me
flower/ /* Display a fatal error message.  Also exits
lilypond.  */
Can you now remove the function non_fatal_error() in favor of error() ?
It looks strange to use non_fatal_error to dipaly a fatal error message.
flower/ // Use the progress loglevel for all normal messages
(including progress msg)
Confusing. Input::message() filters with LOG_INFO; shouldn't message()
do the same?  (at least until the duplicate code is eventually merged)
File lily/ (right):
lily/ print_message (LOG_INFO, s);
has no effect, unless LOG_INFO is included in one of the bitmasks.
File lily/ (right):
lily/ "NONE, ERROR, WARNING, PROGRESS (default), DEBUG and
Most of the new lines are too long for an 80-character terminal.
You wanted to remove FULLDEBUG.

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