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Re: Search box changes

From: Jan Warchoł
Subject: Re: Search box changes
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 10:40:24 +0200

2011/8/7 Phil Holmes <address@hidden>:
> I've prepared some changes for the web search box in line with what I
> suggested in -
> screenshot attached.  It requires changes to search-box.ihtml and
> lilypond-website.css (to make room for the new box).
> Problem is, I've currently got a review going for the mozart horn regtest. I
> use lily-git.tcl for git.  I'm presuming that I'm restricted to a single
> branch with this?

I think so.

> If I try git from the command line to create a new local
> branch, I presume there's some way to tell git cl that you want to upload a
> different patch for review?

There must be a way.  I don't use lily-git and i don't have access to
my Lilydev-enabled machine, so i cannot tell anything for sure, but
here is my guess at how this should be done.  Be sure to have the most
recent version of your mozart horn regtest patch uploaded to Rietveld
just in case.

open terminal, go to main source directory (usually 'cd lilypond-git')
call 'git status' to confirm where you are. I suppose it will say
"current branch: master, nothing to be committed" (roughly). If it
says that there are some changes to be committed, commit them before
proceeding with 'git commit -a').
call 'git log' to see git history. You should see your commit(s) for
mozart horn regtest at the top. Notice that every commit has a
hexadecimal number, something like 46b423b3db2a90f8e8ac - this is
commit's identifier, iirc called "committish".
copy the committish of the last commit before your mozart horn regtest
commit(s). (copying in terminal is done using Ctrl+Shift+C, pasting
with Ctrl+Shift+V)
call 'git branch websearch [paste above committish, without brackets]'
to tell git to create a new branch named websearch, pointing to that
last commit before your mozart horn regtest (so the new branch won't
"contain" your mozart horn regtest changes).
call 'git checkout websearch' to move to that branch
confirm that everything is right by calling 'git status' (it should
tell that you are on websearch branch and there's nothing to commit)
and 'git log' to check that your mozart horn regtest commit(s) is not
included in this branch.
make changes to the source as usual
commit them by calling 'git commit -a'
update repository by calling 'git pull -r'
upload patch to Rietveld using 'git cl upload origin/master'.  IIRC,
vi might open at some moment; to close it press
<Esc> : w q <Enter>
This should work.

I'll be at home with my Lilydev-enabled machine at around 20:00 UTC,
if you'd like more help - we could talk using IRC chat for example..


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