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Re: Doc: Added \compoundMeter function to NR (issue4837050)

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Doc: Added \compoundMeter function to NR (issue4837050)
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2011 21:40:23 +0000

Draft 5 - removed all translation docs with this snippet in it too (for
when it is removed from LSR).

have at it.
File Documentation/notation/rhythms.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/rhythms.itely:1643: come before it indicate the
beat value.
On 2011/08/08 07:32:48, Janek Warchol wrote:
On 2011/08/07 20:33:38, J_lowe wrote:
> On 2011/08/07 15:24:44, Trevor Daniels wrote:
> > I think it's clearer to say top and bottom of the time signature:
> > ... last number in the list is placed at the bottom of the time
> > the numbers that come before it are placed as a summation at the
top.  All
> > the last number indicate the stress groupings and sum to the
duration of the
> > measure.
> hmmm..I still think that is a bit awkward - I'm not sure 'summation'
> well for non-native English speakers looking at the NR. I also don't
feel the
> last sentence is necessary if the @lilyponds are good enough (that
and we talk
> about beaming anyway later). See what you think of my very simple

I agree that the last sentence suggested by Treveor isn't necassary.
I think that if we change "summation" to "sum" in his proposal, it
will be
understood by people.  In Wiktionary i see that word for sum is
similar in many

Well I haven't made any changes since my last edit. See if this is ok.
File Documentation/notation/rhythms.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/rhythms.itely:1643: before it, the bottom
On 2011/08/08 07:32:48, Janek Warchol wrote:
It's the other way round - Last number goes to the bottom.


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