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Re: Progress on loose columns. (issue4841052)

From: mtsolo
Subject: Re: Progress on loose columns. (issue4841052)
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 14:09:20 +0000

Hey all,

I'm pretty sure this is the best way to get around the loose column
issue for now.

The problem (I think) is that some invisible BarLine grobs act as
alignment markers and thus can be slid well left of the two grobs they
were originally supposed to fall between.  A distinction needs to be
made between loose columns that are actually seen on the page and loose
columns that are used as spacing aids.  The current code assumes that
bar-lines are the only loose columns that can fall into this spacing-aid
category and simply omits them from the new algorithm.  It may be better
down the road to change the way volta brackets are attached to bounds
(there is a note in the volta-engraver to do this).


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