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Re: Should this be applied?

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: Should this be applied?
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 20:04:06 +0100

On 8 August 2011 12:43, David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:

> I have no clue what start and end are

start and end are column ranks, i.e., an index to the position of a
particular column in a score.  You can see them if you enable
debugging for columns:

\relative c' {

\layout {
  \context {
    \override PaperColumn #'stencil = #ly:paper-column::print
    \override NonMusicalPaperColumn #'stencil = #ly:paper-column::print

> and I have no clue what pure is.

> But get_pure_property takes start and end as additional arguments over
> get_property, and so does pure_is_visible.
> So from a mere text-matching hand-waving likelihood point of view, the
> above change seems plausible.
> Is there anybody that could shed light on this?

The only effect I can see is that break-visiibility won't be cached.
There are no pure break-visibility callbacks so the start/end args
will never be applied.


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