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PATCH: 48-hour countdown

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: PATCH: 48-hour countdown
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 21:34:25 -0600
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22:00 MDT Thursday Aug 11.

Issue 1800: Segfault compiling LSR 346 - Rietveld Issue 4830064
Issue 1604: MultiMeasureRest staff position 0 is taken as staff position 2 - Rietveld Issue 4822046
Issue 1735: modifying default behaviour of tremolo slashes - Rietveld Issue 4636081
Issue 1214: Cue notes to music that creates a sub-voice does not work - Rietveld Issue 4816044
Issue 509: collision nested tuplet numbers - Rietveld Issue 4808082
Issue 163: huge (ugly) slur (both phrasing and normal) - Rietveld Issue 4810072

Owners/developers, please push, close and mark ASAP after Thursday evening.


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-- Mark Twain


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