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Re: custom engraver in scheme: accessing nested Music object

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: custom engraver in scheme: accessing nested Music object
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 22:00:12 +0800
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> I have now spent ~25 minutes trying to strip down the engraver and adding what
> you had in your first mail, but I can't reproduce anything. The music-cause
> simply does not have any articulations here.
> So, I now wasted almost half an hour for what?

Oh shoot, I confused my example scores. I just noticed that the
articulations key (and the music-cause) only appears in the event list
when there are simultaneous notes.

This invalidates the approach (or rather "workaround"); anyway, I have
attached a simple working example ( that generates the
output I presented in my first email. I'm afraid it is not worth
spending time on this anymore, now that the inadequacy of this procedure
is established.

I'm very sorry to have wasted your time. Your comments actually helped
me to see how flawed my approach really is. Thank you for that.

> As I said above, I can't reproduce your claim that the music-cause has the
> articulations, so probably I did something different from what you had in mind
> (but didn't include it in your list). Please adjust the file to show your
> problem (and only your problem). In the future, this is the form that we would
> expect from you.
> So, if you really want us to spend precious time helping you, please make our
> life easier by sending really small, relevant examples.

Noted and understood. Thanks for your patience.

I think I will have to start from scratch (again).
This is what I'm trying to do for each note in the score:

   1. get the string number
   2. get the finger info
   3. get the stem direction
   4. replace the note head dependent on 1-3

I tried to add acknowledgers for all these interfaces, but the function
for the note-head-interface was always called *before* the others (see
attached example
Is there a way to change that order, or call the note-head-interface
function again at the very end for processing a grob?

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here. (My ignorance even after
reading the documentation for multiple times annoys me so much.)

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Description: Text document

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