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Re: Nested context properties -- an implementation sketch

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: Nested context properties -- an implementation sketch
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 19:45:51 +0100


I think we need to clarify a few things first.

You wrote

The semantics can be summarized as follows:

a) a revert will only cancel the last _matching_ override, and the match includes the complete specified property path, _and_ the prospective use of \once. \revert will not cancel \once\override and vice versa.
b) At the end of a timestep, all \once\override are reverted.  All
non-\once overrides remain in effect and on the stack as if none of
  the \once\override had ever happened.

Will the order of \override and \once \overide within
the same timestep for the same property matter, or
does the \once \override always take precedence within
its timestep?

I'm not clear about stacking.  Will \override be equivalent
to push and \revert to pop, with the top value left on
the stack being effective?  Or is there no stack?

I have no clear view about \set yet. It would seem to me that \unset
should be equivalent to \revert, and \set should be equivalent to

As we are contemplating a major change anyway, I'd
prefer an equivalence in operation of \override,
\once \override and \revert with \set, \once \set
and \unset.  Or is this infeasible?


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