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Re: Add scripts/auxiliar/guileindent.scm (issue 4896043)

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Add scripts/auxiliar/guileindent.scm (issue 4896043)
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 21:45:23 +0000

New comments, and the results of fixing some non-indent spacing issues
in the source file.
File scm/music-functions.scm (right):
scm/music-functions.scm:752: (set! new-settings (delete x
On 2011/08/14 03:15:34, Carl wrote:
This is too much indentation.  I'll need to figure out why. It worked
well at
line 157.

I think it's the missing space between lambda and (x).  When I added it,
the indentation worked properly.
scm/music-functions.scm:973: )))
On 2011/08/14 07:48:48, Trevor Daniels wrote:
Is it out of the question to move orphaned brackets to the previous

I think we don't want to do that in general.  The only time we want to
have orphaned brackets (parentheses in the US) is if there is a list
that may be added to.  In that case, the orphaned brackets should be all
the brackets that are not part of a list entry.

In this case, I think the first bracket on this line should be attached
to the end of the line before (to close off the labmda form).  Then the
final orphaned brackets would line up properly with the list of lambda

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