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probably no releases until 2011 Sep

From: Graham Percival
Subject: probably no releases until 2011 Sep
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 14:51:51 -0700
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We've hit a snag:

As I've written in that bug report, I don't have physical access
to that machine until 2011 Aug 30, and in any case almost all my
time is devoted to running GOP.  So I'm not going to investigate

This is unfortunately timed, since we'd like to have 2.16 right
about now.  *shrug* can't be helped; GUB is a technical debt[1]
that we haven't addressed yet, and there was always a risk that it
would come and bit us in a place that we didn't want to be bitten.

[1] in this case, I mean that few people compile GUB regularly,
and only a handful more people know how to compile it.  I also
ignored GUB master not working on my machine in favor of using the
older stable-2.14 branch to compile all the 2.15 releases.  But
since we've hit this snag, we might as well start afresh by trying
to make GUB master work again.

If anybody feels like looking into this, start by trying to build
a release using GUB master, and fix whatever problems you
encounter while trying to do that.  If there's serious interest in
working on this, but you have limited hardware, there are some
options for getting you shell access to a powerful computer.

- Graham

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