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Re: Likely a good frog project for someone with C knowledge

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Likely a good frog project for someone with C knowledge
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 05:29:24 +0200 (CEST)

> Speaking as a long-time lilypond developer, it is my experience that
> the errors you point out are not a problem (except for the SCM =>
> bool conversion).  GUILE's API uses data that can be passed into C
> functions efficiently as parameters.  This means that the SCM type
> must be a machine word, so the genericity suggested by the GUILE
> docs are a joke.
> If you feel compelled to change large swaths of source code by
> substituting x == SCM_EOL with scm_is_eq(x, SCM_EOL), then I can't
> stop you, but to me it just looks like a waste of time.

My knowledge of Guile is too limited to agree or disagree, but my gut
feeling is that such clean-up work is a good starting point for people
who want to get more intimate with LilyPond.  Using Guile as
envisioned by its creators is not a bad thing, is it?  To exaggerate,
it is possible that you, Han-Wen, as a Guile developer, know too much
about its implementation details.  Anybody else is bound to the
documentation, and as long as you don't say that the Guile docs are
incorrect w.r.t. David's issue, I favor a conversion to the `correct'

BTW, I've started in a similar way while developing FreeType, and
today I'm the main maintainer :-)


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