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Re: Lilypond's SVG output

From: Sandor Spruit
Subject: Re: Lilypond's SVG output
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 18:56:28 +0200
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Op 19-08-11 10:19, Mike Solomon schreef:
On Aug 19, 2011, at 10:04 AM, Sandor Spruit wrote:
- In what version, exactly, did Lilypond drop the use of groups (svg:g) in its

LilyPond still uses groups.  grep "<g" in scm/output-svg.scm.
OK, thanks. I stand corrected. Let me rephase my comment. When looking at the very nice example Tim Sawyer ( posted on the user list this afternoon, I think the use of svg:g needs a bit of work to enable that sort of app.

I read a debate on this issue, where the key argument against groups was the
trouble people have in editing grouped SVG elements in Inkscape. I can, however,
imagine all sorts of situations in which group elements could be very useful -
from a developer's point of view at least. This leads to the second question:

- For what purpose are people putting music up on the web; what's the typical
use case?

Check the list archives for an e-mail from Michael Geary.  He's working on this.
I do it too for my musical compositions (
OK. I think I've found the mail you're referring too.

Just publishing it for others to read? Hyperlinking to it, from it? Annotations?
Keeping bits and pieces of music for later reference? Learning? Studying?
Comparing versions?

There is no formal hub that groups these efforts together, but as the SVG 
standard becomes better supported by more and more browsers, I'm sure it'll get 
picked up by more and mor epeople.
There's a number of additional comments on the list that I missed the first time

I may, at some point, be in the position to do some work on this. But I'm
hesitant to dive in at the deep end - meaning Lilypond tens of thousands of
lines of code ...

You don't need to jump into tens and thousands of lines of LilyPond code - all 
of the svg backend is present in output-svg.scm.
Michael Geary is likely to be sponsoring some work on this too - I'll keep you 
posted if/when this happens.
Well, I do feel I need to have some insight into the inner workings of Lilypond before I can do anything meaningfull here, i.e. more than just the backend. A
solution enabling a more general use of the features Tim demonstrates may
be use in research too, so maybe I can work on this during office hours...


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