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Re: Make doc is broken

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Re: Make doc is broken
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 19:23:53 +0200
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Hi Phil,

Am Saturday, 20. August 2011, 16:26:48 schrieb Phil Holmes:
> I think Reinhold's commit cfcb9efdbd7c6600fc89fc912ba80529010b31e7 has
> broken make doc.  I've just done a clean build (fresh build directory) and
> get this at the end of a failed make doc:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/home/phil/lilypond-git/scripts/", line 693, in
> <module>
>     main ()
>   File "/home/phil/lilypond-git/scripts/", line 624, in
> main files = do_options ()
>   File "/home/phil/lilypond-git/scripts/", line 610, in
> do_options
>     print imp.load_source ("book_custom_package%s" % nr, i)

Do you also have any error message from python? This is just the traceback, 
i.e. it tells you where a problem appeared, but without the actual error 
message, it's really hard to tell what's wrong and how to fix it...

> In my previous succesful make, there was
> no  option.
> git grep -e 'load-custom-package'
> input/regression/musicxml/GNUmakefile:LILYPOND_BOOK_FLAGS
> += --load-custom-packa
> This line was added with the commit above.  Could you have a look at this,
> please, Reinhold?

Here it works just fine. 
-danti-alias-factor=2' --output=./out-www --format=texi-html   --lily-output-
dir /home/reinhold/lilypond/lilypond/out/lybook-db --load-custom-package=book- out-www/collated-files.tely warning: lilypond-doc gettext domain not found.
<module 'book_custom_package1' from ''> (GNU LilyPond) 2.15.9
Reading out-www/collated-files.tely...


Reinhold Kainhofer, address@hidden,
 * Financial & Actuarial Math., Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria
 *, DVR: 0005886
 * LilyPond, Music typesetting,

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