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Re: problems with git push and pull

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: problems with git push and pull
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 23:41:30 +0200

2011/8/21 Reinhold Kainhofer <address@hidden>:
> Am Sunday, 21. August 2011, 21:26:38 schrieb Janek Warchoł:
>> > Did the "git pull" give any messages?
>> I don't remember what it said the first time, but now it says
>> "From ssh://
>>  * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
>> Current branch master is up to date."
>> The second line looks suspicious to me...
> That just means that it has updated downloaded something from the server...
> Ah, wait, it should actually write origin/master instead of FETCH_HEAD. Does
> that change if you add the fetch: line to .git/config?

Yes!  Adding this line seemed to solve the problem!

>> > Quite useful is also "git branch"...
>> I don't understand how git branch is related to my problem?
> To check whether you are really on the master branch ("git status" also tells
> you, though).

Ah, yes.

>> > BTW, I'm using qgit as graphical frontend, where you can easily see all
>> > branches, all tags, or look at each patch separately and even see who
>> > last changed each line of a file.
>> I tried gitk once and decided that i prefer working with command line,
>> because it doesn't show me things i don't understand :P
> I'm using qgit to VIEW the repository and the patches/changes. And also when I
> need to find out who last changed a particular line in a file. (i.e. "git
> blame", but with a nicer gui).

Perhaps it's worth trying - when i'll have some spare time.

2011/8/21 Keith OHara <address@hidden>:
> Janek Warchoł <janek.lilypond <at>> writes:
>> > I would expect another line in your configuration, added below:
>> >
>> >> [remote "origin"]
>> >>       url = ssh://janekw <at>
>> >      fetch = +refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/origin/master
>> >
>> > Probably you want to go through CG 3.2.2, Downloading Remote Branches,
>> > to make sure everything you set up there is still set up.
>> I'm not sure - can i go through all these (i.e. call 'git remote add
>> -ft master -m master \ origin git://'
>> without affecting my work on currently existing local branches?
>> Or should i simply add that line to .git/config?
> Your symptoms are consistent with having the missing line "fetch ="
> Repeating `git remote add ... origin` will warn you that you already have
> a remote called "origin".  Probably there is a way to restore the line
> with a git command, maybe in `man git remote`
> I would `man git remote` and read until I either learn how to use the
> git toolkit, or until I get enout confidence to add the line directly
> to .git/config

I read it but i'm not familiar enough with git internal workings and
terminology to understand it well...
Well, i just did a brutal backup of my repository and tried adding
that line - seems to work!


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