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Re: Lilypond-book: Auto-detect linewidth and exampleindent in texinfo mo

From: reinhold . kainhofer
Subject: Re: Lilypond-book: Auto-detect linewidth and exampleindent in texinfo mode (issue 4938044)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 11:38:10 +0000

On 2011/08/22 23:55:52, Graham Percival wrote:
On 2011/08/22 12:30:15, Reinhold wrote:
> Now, it's clear that lilypond produces .pdf files that are about
0.5-1 mm too
> wide. So we now have the proper way to fix #1816

What does "0.5-1mm" mean?  Is it 0.5 for top/bottom, 1.0 for
left/right?  Or
does it depend on some random factor?  (i.e. whether there's bar
numbers or not)

I'm only talking about horizontal extents of the generated pdfs. The bar
numbers on the left are no problem, because we use
"-deps-box-padding=3\\mm" to add an additional 3 mm on the left for the
bar number (and reduce the line-width by the same amount).
What I'm observing is that the pdf is always a bit larger (more than
0.5mm, but usually less than 1mm) than the line-width plus the 3mm left
padding. I have not yet investigated in how far bar lines on the right
end increase it. I suspect that it has an influence.

Or does it depend on the paper size that latex is using ?  (i.e. does
still work in a0 and a5 paper)

It should work independent of the paper size, since we only extract the
line-width from texinfo or latex and then simply handle that to lilypond
as a numeric value. LilyPond simply creates a score with this line-width
and then crops the image, leaving a small amount of extra space on the
right, which I think is the cause of this problem.

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