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PATCH: 48-hour countdown to 20:00 MDT 20110826

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: PATCH: 48-hour countdown to 20:00 MDT 20110826
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 19:56:10 -0600
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For Friday, August 26 (and where did the Summer go?)

Issue 509: collision nested tuplet numbers - R Issue 4808082: Prevents nested tuplets from colliding.

Issue 1328: Slurs collides with fermata - R Issue 4860042: Does better polynomial calculations for avoid objects.

Issue 1816: Lilypond-book music runs off right side of the page - R Issue 4888046: Fix 1816: Lilypond-Book:

Issue 1735: modifying default behaviour of tremolo slashes - R Issue 4636081: modifying default behaviour of tremolo slashes

Issue 1787: Hide ends of barlines inside staff lines. - R Issue 4809057: Ends of barlines are hidden in staff lines

Issue 1742: print transposed guitar chords on piano sheets - R Issue 4800051

Issue 1688: New half-closed hihat symbol for drum mode - R Issue 4714043

Of the 14 patches for review, 6 are less than 48 hours old and too young to be on this list, and the oldest of those above is Aug. 9, the rest being within the last 4 days.  Great work, developers!

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