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Re: Adds a site search to website and improves doc search(issue4894053)

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Adds a site search to website and improves doc search(issue4894053)
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 02:50:21 +0100
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On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 03:19:50PM +0100, Phil Holmes wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Graham Percival"
> <address@hidden>
> >In the short-term, I think it would be extremely helpful if you
> >could create the $HOME/lilypond/media stuff, then create the
> >website from a blank build tree -- convince yourself that you
> >can/will get the full website without running make or make doc.
> I don't follow the bit about lilypond/media and I've read the CG
> about building the website a number of times.  Could you a)
> enlighten me a bit more


I'm not certain what you've read, or what you've tried.  I'll
extract parts from:
but I'll omit anything that isn't strictly relevant in your case,
and rephrase a few other parts.  Please tell me at which stage
things become unclear.

I wasn't expecting you to be able to put this together without
asking questions (since it's taken even me a while to put stuff
together), but more specific questions about be good.

%%% Initial setup
1. create directories:

% To reduce the CPU burden on the shared host (as well as some
% security concerns), the ‘Documentation/pictures/’ and
% ‘Documentation/web/ly-examples/’ directories are **not**
% compiled.  We will do this ourselves right now.
2. go to your lilypond build directory.  make doc.

3. I'm going to use these variables:
you can either define them explicitly in bash with export, or do
it manually with copy&paste.  You'll only do this once.

  cp $PICS $HOME/lilypond/media/pictures
  cp $EXAMPLES $HOME/lilypond/media/ly-examples

4. get scripts you need.  Define these variables:
cp $GIT/make/website.make $DEST/website.make
cp $GIT/Documentation/lilypond-texi2html.init $DEST/lilypond-texi2html.init
cp $GIT/scripts/build/ $DEST/
cp $GIT/scripts/build/
cp $GIT/scripts/build/
cp $GIT/scripts/build/ $DEST/
cp $GIT/scripts/build/ $DEST/
cp $GIT/scripts/build/ $DEST/
cp $GIT/Documentation/web/server/
cp $GIT/Documentation/web/server/website-dir.htaccess

(every "cp" should be the beginning of a new line; it's followed
by two filenames.  The lines will probably be cut in email)

5. delete your build directory.  (you don't actually need to do
this, I'm just emphasizing the magic trick.  Or maybe just rename
your build directory to build-old, or go to a different directory
called magic-website)

6. run
  make -f ../make/website.make WEBSITE_ONLY_BUILD=1 \
    TOP_SRC_DIR=$HOME/src/lilypond/ \
    TEXI2HTML_PROGRAM=texi2html \
% note that this would be much easier if anybody had been
% interested in 

Note that there's a **ton** of things that could be done to make
this process easier.  The git repo is an obvious one, but there's
also a lot of robustifying that could be done in website.make.
And, of course, simply documenting this.

- Graham

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