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"secretary" volunteer needed (re: 15 new patches added)

From: Graham Percival
Subject: "secretary" volunteer needed (re: 15 new patches added)
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 05:56:37 +0100
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Hey guys,

While waiting for GUB to fail in a new and exciting way, I added
something like 15 new patches to the tracker.  I think we still
have another 5-10 patches not in the system, but GUB finished
failing by this point so I turned my attention to that.

We need a dedicated patch adder: every time there's an
announcement of a new patch on lilypond-devel, add it to the
tracker.  In particular,
  - do not test the patch
  - do not try to compile the patch
  - do not examine the patch

I know there's a few "advanced users" reading this mailing list.
I'm aiming this at you.  There is NO COMPILING, NO TECHNICAL
SKILLS required here.  Just read this mailing list and fill out a
web form 0-5 times a day.

This position will last at most 3 months.  It's just to "tide us
over" until we have a better patch handling system.

Please don't give helpful suggestions like "maybe you should have
a better patch management system" or "maybe you should require
programmers to do X, Y, and Z".  Those suggestions will be
considered in due course, when we have GOP proposals on this.  For
now, I don't want to add any more red tape to programmers, but I
think it's silly for me to spend time on this pretty unskilled
clean-up job.

You guys want me to get around to starting GLISS, right?  Well,
all the time and energy I spend on this is time that I'm not
spending getting GOP finished and GLISS ready to start.

- Graham

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