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Re: New partcombineUp and partcombineDown functions (issue 4514042)

From: Dan Eble
Subject: Re: New partcombineUp and partcombineDown functions (issue 4514042)
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 19:13:22 -0400

On 2011-08-27, at 04:04 , address@hidden wrote:

> When I try to patch to current tree (27 Aug) I get
> --snip--
> --snip--
> Make succeeds though, and reg tests pass too.
> So I have set this patch to 'review' as I don't know the significance of
> these patch messages.

Should there be a few new regression tests added along with this change that 
cover the new \partcombineUp and \partcombineDown?

Also, this patch just seems to set some context properties in a round-about 
way.  Isn't it already possible to do that with something like...

      \context Staff = "staffA"
        \partcombine \aNotes \bNotes
        \context Voice = "one" % part combiner output
          \override ...

... as shown in the following patch submission from 2008, which was turned away 
for not being flexible enough, even though it seems more flexible than the 
patch under review?  (Flexible from the standpoint that there are more distinct 
output contexts that can be tweaked than in the current part combiner.)

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