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2.15.9 regtests

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: 2.15.9 regtests
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 14:46:02 +0100

Well - there are too many differences on the official page for me to count. It was clearly going to be iffy when I looked at the "items still to load" in the browser and it was over 1100. In my pixel comparator, I've got 1,031 difference files to check.

There are 2 obvious causes of this: one is the slight clef change; the other is a slight spacing change - it looks like, as a general rule, 2.15.9 is slightly more compact on ragged-right versus 2.15.7 (which is my local baseline).

I'll attach one difference file which I don't understand - is this the effect of the change in spacing to the time sig?

Not sure how we can take this forward? In principle I guess we could temporarily revert the clef change and try to find what caused the spacing change, and then do a specific release with just those. Or we could take shifts in checking images. Or we could keep our fingers crossed.

Phil Holmes

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