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Re: Improves horizontal spacing of axis groups that SpanBar grobs traver

From: joeneeman
Subject: Re: Improves horizontal spacing of axis groups that SpanBar grobs traverse. (issue 4917046)
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 15:53:16 +0000

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is my understanding: wherever there's
a SpanBar, you're creating SpanBarStubs between every relevant pair of
staves. These don't actually get printed; they're just there for the
pure-height (because the SpanBar height is pretty much the whole system,
so it doesn't tell you where the gaps are).

If that's correct, I have two broad comments: it's worth commenting
somewhere (, maybe) that the purpose of
SpanBarStub is for pure-height only. But more importantly, isn't SpanBar
now obsoleted by SpanBarStub? That is, you can just remove the SpanBar
altogether and print the SpanBarStubs.
File lily/ (right):
lily/ Align_interface::get_vertical_alignment
(Grob *g)
Our convention is that in
Align_interface::foo_bar (Grob *g)
the Grob *g should be something that implements Align_interface. So this
function should really be Grob::get_vertical_alignment. Same for the
functions below it.
lily/ Align_interface::get_vertical_axis_group
(Grob *g)
Seems to me that what you really want here is the top-level
VerticalAlignment (as opposed to, say, a BassFigureAlignment, which also
implements Axis_group_interface and Align_interface). Try g->get_system
()->get_vertical_alignment () instead.
File lily/ (right):
lily/ //it->set_parent (y_parents[j],
Obsolete code?

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