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Re: git access

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: git access
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 23:45:39 +0100

Ian, you wrote Hulin" <address@hidden>

I can't set up the ssh connection properly, does anyone know if this configuration (which I have enabled on my router - public IP address will cause problems talking to the Savannah server via
ssh?  This is snip from my router's help.

"Block WAN Requests

Block Anonymous Internet Requests is designed to prevent users from attacking through the Internet. When it is Enabled, the Router will
drop both the unaccepted TCP request and ICMP packets from the
Internet. The hacker will not find the router by pinging the Internet
IP address. Click Disable to allow those packets to get through."

I don't think this is the problem, since you clearly
got a response of sorts from Savannah:

got the remote end hung up error.

More likely your key or logon id don't correspond.

I vaguely remember having a problem with copying
keys into Savannah.  Something about avoiding
returns in the middle of the key string.  Did
you ensure your copied string was all on a single
line when you scraped it, or had your editor folded


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