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Re: Long live length in the docs. (issue 4965053)

From: mtsolo
Subject: Re: Long live length in the docs. (issue 4965053)
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 09:36:20 +0000

make all ok and make doc ok until it crashes on the file that Graham
sent an e-mail about to the list (has this been fixed yet?  do i need to
do something in my doc directory to register the change? i'm running
make doc-clean before the doc build).

It passes regtests just fine, and i can't see any visual changes save
one or two tests (and even these are mostly microscopic).  This is (I
think) because the patch lightly shortens a couple beamed stem pure
heights that were incorrect by 0.5 * beam_thickness in my previous work.


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