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Re: Assertion failure on current master

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Assertion failure on current master
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2011 02:17:33 +0200

On Oct 1, 2011, at 9:29 PM, David Kastrup wrote:

> "address@hidden" <address@hidden> writes:
>> But I just pushed the actual cure.
>> The problem was that positions stores two Y positions - a left and a
>> right.  If the left is higher than right, than the interval is read as
>> empty.  So, the center needs to be calculated manually.
>> Interval is not really the right thing to use for positions if one
>> wants to use the instance methods of interval (like is_empty), but I
>> use it because it is already used in for the print
>> function (in a way that doesn't risk an assertion error).  It could
>> also be put in a real drul array, but there is currently no
>> robust_scm2realdrul.  This would definitely be a welcome addition to
>> avoid confusion in the code base.
> This sounds really really icky.  The sort of code I hope never to need
> to deal with.  Could you file a suitable "Enhancement" issue so that
> redoing this in a less hackish manner does not get forgotten?  That way
> I have a better chance for my hopes becoming true.

Actually, I found a robust_scm2drul that does the trick and pushed it to 
master.  So now, no more kludgy code.  Sorry for the panic - I have no clue why 
my unoptimized binary wasn't failing :(


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