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Re: Build dependencies for .texi files (issue 1852). (issue 5131045)

From: reinhold . kainhofer
Subject: Re: Build dependencies for .texi files (issue 1852). (issue 5131045)
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 13:15:12 +0000
File stepmake/stepmake/texinfo-vars.make (right):
stepmake/stepmake/texinfo-vars.make:15: )
On 2011/10/04 13:04:44, Julien Rioux wrote:
An important question, as the order matters here: When writing
macros.itexi in a German manual, say de/contributor.texi, I assumed
de/macros.itexi would take precedence over macros.itexi and so
is tracked as a dependency. Does that correspond to what texi2html and
would do?

AFAIK, texi2* simply include the first file found in the include pathes.
So if Documentation/ is given first, then Documentation/macros.itexi is
used, if Documentation/de/ is given before Documentation/, then
Documentation/de/macros.itexi is used...

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