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Stem direction wrong for white mensural music?

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Stem direction wrong for white mensural music?
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 17:29:35 +0100

If I compile the following code (the start of Dufay's Ave Regina a3) with default settings, the stems follow modern style - some up, some down. For ancient music (I'm not sure when this ended, but it certainly applies around the period up to 1500) the stems were always up for normal notes; - downstems showed other features - e.g. chromatic alteration on German tablatures.

It's trivial to fix with a \stemUp, but I'd suggest this is a bug. Does anyone else have a view, before I add it to the tracker?

\paper {
 ragged-right = ##t

\score {
   \new MensuralVoice = "Cantus" {
     \override Score.BarNumber #'transparent = ##t {
       \clef "mensural-c1"
       \time 3/2
\[ a' \breve \melisma b' \] a'1 \melismaEnd gis' \breve a' g'1 a' b'2 \melisma a' g' f' \melismaEnd e' \melisma f' d' c'1 b2 \melismaEnd d' \breve
   \new Lyrics \lyricsto "Cantus" {
     A -- ve, Re -- gi -- na cae -- lo -- rum

Phil Holmes

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