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Re: [translations] Re: CG 5.8.3: updating committish of lsr snippets

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Re: [translations] Re: CG 5.8.3: updating committish of lsr snippets
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 09:43:55 +0200

2011/10/10 Federico Bruni <address@hidden>:
>>> But it doesn't seem to be the right committish.
>> What exactly did you do to find out this committish? That could be
>> right, it matches a commit by you in which you run, so it
>> shouldn't give any "bad object" messages.
> I checked the log of files in snippets/ that I've translated and I took the
> commit of the last run of
> I haven't any bad object message.
> But if I run:
> make ISOLANG=it check-translation
> I get a strange diff (see file attached).

This output suggests that a further run of has been made
after the commitish you took.  When I watch the version history, I see
several commits labelled "run makelsr" after 34607d3e36a.  Every
change to snippets that are more recent than  34607d3e36a will show in
your check-translation output.  Do not use any committish that is
older than just one single commit: the one in which you committed the
"run makelsr" results.

In other words:
1.- update your texidoc files, run makelsr, committ these results,
write down this commit ID
2.- use this commit ID to update your texidoc files again, this time
change the committish only. Commit these changes.

This gives a pair of commits, (A) one for makelsr and (B) one to
update committish in texidocs.  The committish you put in step (B) is
the commit ID of (A).

I don't see a reason why this shouldn't work as patches-you-send as
well.  Test again and be patient! I could be wrong.
Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain) ,

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