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coding partaayyy: what went down, why it went down, and how down it went

From: address@hidden
Subject: coding partaayyy: what went down, why it went down, and how down it went
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 12:49:23 +0200

Hey all,

The franco-amercain codathon went very well, with people from all walks of life 
in attendance to code and chat LilyPond.


Bertrand "LilyPond works like this except when it doesn't, which is most of the 
time" Bordage
Loïc "for better or for verse" Chahine
Cécile "I never got her last name" ____
John "makefile shmakefile" Mandereau
Mike "who are all these people and why are they in my house?!?" Solomon
Arthur "i <3 TeXt" Reutenauer
Nicolas "first one to put his" Sceaux "on the weekend"


Complaining about markups (everybody)
Running only certain regtests from make (John)
Parallels between the TeX and LilyPond communities (Arthur)
Representing certain Items with springs in (Mike)
Correct comparisons between Scheme macros (Cécile)
Baroque Scripts and their horizontal attachment to NoteHeads (Loïc and Bertrand)
Teaching about LilyPond (Bertrand)
Confusing people about LilyPond (Mike)
The use of ideas from TeX in LilyPond's text handling (Arthur)
Discovering engravers (Cécile)
Suggestions for markup / music integration (Nicolas)
Layout managers for markups and scores à la java swing (me)

The goal is to do this more often with more advanced notice.

In general, the development of markups looks promising - we have a workload 
more or less carved out and you'll be seeing patches regarding all things 
markup in the next month or so.


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