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Re: Glyphs for Kievan Notation (issue 4951062)

From: bordage . bertrand
Subject: Re: Glyphs for Kievan Notation (issue 4951062)
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 17:46:23 +0000

LGTM.  Two tiny changes and it'll be ready to push.
File ly/ (right):
ly/ \remove Stem_engraver
Sorry, I made a mistake.  This line is producing errors when we use the
kievanvoice/staff.  You have to remove this and add a \override Stem
#'stencil = ##f instead.
ly/ \override Slur #'transparent = ##t
Could you change 'transparent' into 'stencil'?  With transparent, the
stem is invisible, but still there.  The calculus of grob positions can
be disturbed by that.

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