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Re: \markup* and Guile V2 - was Re: Rename \markuplines to \markuplist (

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: \markup* and Guile V2 - was Re: Rename \markuplines to \markuplist (before running convert-ly) (issue 5312050)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 15:41:02 +0200
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Ian Hulin <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Bertrand, Mike, David, Reinhold and everyone in the \markup rewrite
> gang,
> Here is a bulletin from the Guile V2 migration cave.
> I am currently brewing a patch for Tracer 1686.
> The markup facility as written is a major PITA when running with Guile
> V2, and is currently blocking progress on this patch.

My personal take on this: I tend towards making #{ ... #}, which
executes more or less on the macro level, do the job of a macro.  Namely
translate its contents into Scheme.  You can already use #{ \markup
... #} for getting markup expressions, but if you use this inside of a
Scheme definition, the Lilypond parsing happens at the time of

The point being that the whole markup macro system can be junked and
replaced by #{ \markup ... #}.

That would not exactly be a minor change.  At my current rate of
progress, it will be months before I reach that milestone, and I am
already spending much more time on Lilypond than would be compatible
with sustaining a living.

I agree with you (or if I am putting words in your mouth here, at least
with Guile V2) that the high involvement of macros in markups is a wart
concerning Lilypond's programming interface.  I'd prefer replacing its
programming interface with #{ \markup ... #} rather than yet another
syntax to be learnt.

David Kastrup

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