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Horizontal spacing change between 2.15.9 and 2.15.10 (regression?)

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Horizontal spacing change between 2.15.9 and 2.15.10 (regression?)
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 20:44:05 +0200

Dear developers,

I compiled yesterday (with 2.15.14) a file that was first compiled with
2.15.5.  I was surprised to see that the default line breaks were quite
different and some measures were really ugly (speaking of horizontal
spacing) with the latest version!

I have a passage with many 32th notes (and subdivide beams).  With
2.15.5 (as well as with 2.14.2) LilyPond settles 2 measures per line,
but with 2.15.14 it puts only one measure per line and this measure is
really stretched horizontally (whereas it was only "a bit compressed"
when there were 2 measures per line), leading to a poor output.

It is hard to give a minimal example of code.
I tracked down this change and it happened between 2.15.9 and 2.15.10.

1. Am I the only one to have seen such a change in horizontal spacing
between scores compiled with version <2.15.9 and the same files
compiled with a version >2.15.10 ?
Does some users see this change as well?  Was it enlightened in some
regression tests?

2. Is this change wanted?  I mean, is it kind of a feature that should
give a better horizontal spacing and that does it for many scores
except the one I am currently working on?  Or is it unintentional (and
maybe it could be interesting to find the commit responsible for this
change and see if we could get back to the behaviour where some scores
(mine) look better)?

Thanks in advance.


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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