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Re: damn small lilypond

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: damn small lilypond
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 23:11:40 +0200
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Il 26/10/2011 22:55, Alex Austin ha scritto:
Most USB sticks are formatted as FAT and not EXT, so they lose file
permission bits. Not sure that lilypond would still be executable off of
a thumb drive.

I'll use ext.
The only concern I have is precisely about permissions.
IIRC, as the files I've added are owned by my user, whose id is 1000, when I'll plug the USB sticks on those computers what will happen?

If the user has the same id, no problem.
If the user has a different id, I'll need to do something (/etc/fstab or chown?).
Is this correct?


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