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Re: scheme-tutorial.itely: avoid unnecessary copying (issue 5314065)

From: ianhulin44
Subject: Re: scheme-tutorial.itely: avoid unnecessary copying (issue 5314065)
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 23:04:31 +0000

I think you've updated an example in two places, and added material
which needs to reference the second example after the first one. You're
trying to describe things about coding within music functions before the
text gets round to mentioning them.  This section is trying to hand-hold
the reader through the stages of implementing a marcato music function
as it stands your extra info about avoiding the destructive update the
event-chord is just too early.
File Documentation/extending/scheme-tutorial.itely (right):
Documentation/extending/scheme-tutorial.itely:1241: name is
@code{add-marcato}, and has one variable called
name is @code {add-marcato}, and has one parameter called
Documentation/extending/scheme-tutorial.itely:1242: @code{event-chord}.
In Scheme, the type of variable is often clear
@code{event-chord}.  In Scheme, the usage of a parameter or variable is
often clear
@code{ly:music-deep-copy} to create a complete copy of the music.
modifying the original.

If this is a problem, we need to use @code{ly:music-deep-copy} to create
a complete copy of the music, @emph{and} to code this within a music
Documentation/extending/scheme-tutorial.itely:1263: mechanisms for
dealing with music.
Hmmm... Good information, but you're proposing something different from
what's in the new  @example in 1233-1237.  You probably should finish
off describing things in this example and talk about music function
possibilities lower down when the document introduces
define-music-function.  Are you talking about passing Lilypond input
parameters to Scheme code in a music function?  If so give it its own
@example further down in the text after line 1302 somewhere.  This
section of text is leading the reader through a step-by-step example,
and this excellent info needs to be fitted in at the right place.

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